Community Centers Then And Now

In Ossining, New York, where I grew up, there was once a very active community center. On weeknights dozens of political, environmental and social service organizations would meet downtown to create plans, draw posters, call volunteers and in general try to mobilize citizens.

The late 60’s and early 70’s were stimulating times for teenagers like me.

Establishments like the Ossining Community Center offered a place where like minded people of different generations from a diversity of neighborhoods could try to make our sleepy Hudson River town a more conscious and harmonious place to live.

In so many emergency instances, from the hurricane in Haiti to Sandy, the great storm that has ravaged much of these home’s low laying areas, and local independent yoga studios have become the true community centers of New York City and the surrounding areas.

Yoga studios also participate year round in programs that bring asana, meditation and stress reduction programs to those in need – disadvantaged kids in schools, men and women in prisons, the homeless and teenagers who have been sexual abused.

I’m proud of my activist roots in Ossining and prouder still of YogaCity NYC’s continuing role in promoting the grass roots work of so many yoga teachers, students and studios.

For announcements of upcoming benefit classes for Hurricane Relief keep checking in at

-Brette Popper, Publisher and Co-Founder YogaCity NYC


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