A Poem: Bramacharya by Carly Sachs

for Jonathan

Praise the colander, how easily it knows
noodle from water, solid

from liquid. How difficult to be the gate,
keeping out, keeping in,

and which one of us knows how to limit the limitless
as if we could control the weather

or who arrives at our door. Which guests
ever come on time and leave us the same

as we were? And if this body is a temple,
let us be more like the stained glass windows

inviting the morning sun to warm all our cut pieces,
illuminating the patterns

so that we can hold the book of ourselves
in our trembling hands as we struggle to find

the balance between earth and sky,
the world’s palms meeting in prayer,

the horizon closer,
closer than we think.

Carly Sachs is a poet and a yoga teacher at Kripalu. Her short story “Tender” was selected by Jennifer Egan as the winner of the Stella Kupfenberg Memorial Short Story Prize and appeared on “Selected Shorts” on NPR. She is the author of two collections of poetry, the steam sequence and Yama Niyama as well as the editor of the why and later, a collection of poems women have written about rape and sexual assault.
Her books can be ordered through the shop at Kripalu.


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