Two New Poems by Carly Sachs

for Stephen

Can you rest in the breath,
trust the depth of the ocean

and can the lungs unfurl like sails
as you catch yourself again and again.

And what is the difference between the float
and the free fall in the crest of your heart,

every end a beginning, every beginning an end.

Emptiness has a whisper:

someone has lived here before,
someone has loved here before

And how do you hear the wisdom

in the wonder and the wound?

Coat Sleeve Pratapana
for Devarshi
Good pilgrim, shake all that glitter inside youImagine a thousand snow globes of every place you’ve ever been,
all that you’ve tasted, all that has moved you,
all that you have loved.
re-awakening your own inner magic
a thousand worlds shining through you

and as you return to stillness

notice who you truly are in this moment.


–Carly Sachs is a poet and a yoga teacher. Her short story Tender was selected by Jennifer Egan as the winner of the Short Story Prize and appeared on “Selected Shorts” on NPR. She is the author of two collections of poetry, the steam sequence and Yama 

Niyama as well as the editor of the why and later, a collection of poems women have written about rape and sexual assault. Order her books through the shop at Kripalu.


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