If The World Didn’t End, What Should I Do? by Brette Popper

If you are reading this, the world did not end.
At least not yet!
So now, with the pressure off, I will go through a useful exercise and contemplate what things I do that hasten the end of the world and what things I can do to stave off progress toward our planet’s eventual demise.
Can I waste and buy less? Can I recycle and reuse more? Could I be more careful about what I eat, what I plant and how I travel? How can these ideas become part of my everyday practice of living?
Yoga is a process of slow transformation and these little changes, if done by everyone, can add up. Still it might take a couple of million years to reverse the harm mankind’s March of Progress has caused the Earth.
So, I suggest that while it’s too late now for a Mayan calendar predicted apocalypse, we remember that the real end will likely come with little to no warning at all. We can prepare for it best by living in the present with a more grateful and respectful attitude towards our world.


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