Why An LA Yogi Moved To New York

I began practicing yoga with my mom when I was just a teenager because it was part of our lifestyle.  Santa Monica and Venice Beach have more yoga per capita than anywhere else in the country and it’s a sunny 72 degrees almost all year.  My hometown is a mecca for the creative and conscious.

So why the hell would I leave all this and move to New York?!

City of Dreams: This is probably the most well-known and obvious reason. Those who choose to live in New York, despite all its negative aspects, are dreamers in search of something greater for their lives. I know I’m not finished with my practice but I felt like I had reached a plateau with my practice.  Partially because life is much easier in LA.  The East coast approach to yoga is very different from the West coast.  And truthfully, yoga is also all about balance. So I will mix my strong yoga foundation from LA with the experiences I have in New York.

Find my Voice: It might sound trite, but growing up in the shadows of such incredible gurus, I was only mirroring my teachers’ greatness and not expressing my own.  When your first exposure to Power Yoga is Bryan Kest, or Vinyasa is Vinnie Marino, or alignment is Annie Carpenter or meditation is Erich Shiffman, embarking on a life as a teacher can be intimidating.  All of these people are masters in their fields and have revolutionized modern yoga in America.  I have chosen this journey to New York so that I can learn about and share my own personal voice. I hope that while I’m here I can come into my own as an honest, individual person.

Fear: Honestly this is the scariest thing I could think of. I mean, where am I going to live? Where am I going to work? How do I survive without a car?  Wait, what are seasons? I left my job, family, and boyfriend to start something new here.  Everything in New York is unknown.  If you’ve practiced inversions you know that fear is ok and if we run toward it we gain strength and courage.  With an open heart and mind, I’m leaping and hoping the net will appear.

I’m excited to see where things go from here.  I’m taking the city by storm and am welcoming new experiences and yoga communities.  Please check back in to see how things are developing. Hope to see you in class!

Sarah Girard



  1. Allison Richard · · Reply

    As someone who started their teaching in LA and moved to NYC 4 years ago, I can completely relate! I had to get used to hearing peaceful warrior instead of reverse warrior and I still can’t get used to folding my blanket the NYC way. I love the balance my practice gets from the best of both worlds.

  2. You forgot to mention that as you were learning yoga at your mother’s knee, you were also watching every episode of Sex and the City with her. The devine in me reads the devine in you. DJ

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