On Advancement

I’m conflicted! In our Selfie/Instagram/YouTube world I feel like a failure. After 13 years of ardent practice I still can’t get into a sublime Lotus Pose or take Side Crow without the aid of blocks. And, my Dancer Pose…well the American Ballet Theater ain’t calling anytime soon.

I run a yoga website for God’s sake! On the other hand I have become more peaceful. More focused. I’ve gotten stronger, even as I’ve aged. There’s more integration between what my mind thinks, my body does and my heart feels.

And, I am beginning to understand the significance of the Hindu Trinity when I create, sustain and release my breath in pranayama and meditation.

From time to time we all mistake the ability to get into a difficult pose as a sign of advancement. It’s helpful to remember that’s merely a sideshow on the road to the main event.

-Brette Popper, founder YogaCity NYC


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