The 40 Day Revolution by Lisa Dawn Angerame

Every so often it is important to recharge, reexamine, and rebalance. This summer my husband and I decided to follow a program by Baron Baptiste called 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

That seemed like forever.

But once the counting started, all of a sudden things were different. Like when I think about the fact my son turned 4 a few weeks ago. Where did the time go?

In 40 days, or 6 weeks, Baron says that we can undergo changes in all aspects of our lives. From our asana practice, to our eating habits, to our mental habits – we can change undo bad habits and limiting beliefs and patterns that hinder us from being our more perfect selves.

The program included a daily asana practice, a twice-daily meditation practice, a food journal, and weekly questions that focus on Baron’s 12 Laws of Transformation. These laws include “Seek the truth,” “Step out of your comfort zone, “Be with what is,” and “Be true to your self.”

The first week was about presence. The asana practice was 20 minutes and the meditation practice was five minutes. The questions included, “What are my beliefs about my body, my relationships, my work, my spirituality, sex and money?” It forced an examination of when and if we are fully present in our jobs, relationships and with our kids.

When my husband and I sat down for our first “weekly” meeting, we talked for over 2 hours answering these questions and realizing that we are both not as fully present as we could be. For me, it was all about the fact that my iPhone is constantly in my hand. I had even convinced myself that I needed it to see what time it is. I have two watches in my drawer that for some reason I stopped wearing.

That has changed. My watch is on my wrist and my iPhone is in my bag. And it is not as if I need to know what time it is all the time! For my husband, it was about work and how when he is fully present he is more successful as a manager.

The program suggests meditating first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I have been meditating for well over a decade but during these 6 weeks, I slept more peacefully and I awoke feeling refreshed. At night, the practice was like a cleansing of the mental activities of the day. In the morning, the practice was like an extension of sleep, a peaceful and a great way to start the day.

We practiced our asana right after the morning meditation, a smart way to fit this important piece into our busy schedules. We agreed that doing asana in the wee hours of the morning before the world stirs is different than practicing after the sun comes up, after school drop-off, during or after work, with other people or under the guidance of a teacher. When it was just us, in the dark, first thing in the morning, no part of the day had already gotten in our way.

As the weeks went on, our asana practice increased to 90 minutes and our meditation practice to 30 minutes. That’s 2 hours each morning starting at 5am!  At the beginning of the program, we were convinced we would not be able to do it. But we did. With each other as a support group, we encouraged one another to wake up early, focus on the questions at hand, and change what we wanted to change.

The theme of the last week is triumph and that is exactly what it was. We committed to personal growth and we had achieved it. We are still meditating twice daily and practicing asana in the morning. And we have made a commitment to be more present and to continuously seek the truth.

And we decided to commit to helping others get there the way we had. Keep an eye on YogaCity NYC for an upcoming 40 Days to Personal Revolution that I will be leading in the New Year!

–Lisa Dawn Angerame, to see more of Lisa’s work, click here.


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