The Guest Blog: The Orbits of Life By Jeff Cannon

Life is not centered in just your orbit. It is centered in the orbits of millions. All of creation revolves around millions of different points. Each one an individual center of the universe. Each one moving and traveling on its own path. At times they cross the paths of each other. At others they entwine and even rarely join. Yet no matter the direction, even though each heads in its own distinct direction, they all inevitably move toward exactly the same end.

When you walk your path in life open up your eyes and see the world for what it is. You will learn to notice the paths. As if filling a busy forest. Some are wide and road-like. Others are narrow and barely visible; Indian paths where one foot must be placed carefully in front of the other. At times they are overgrown. At others they are open and free so that you can race with your eyes closed.

No matter the form, each trail is perfect for the journey the traveler is on.

Stay on yours. Place one foot firmly on the ground with each step and feel its grace. Be aware of the connection you have with the earth and sky around you.

Look ahead to know the path is yours, but never forget to trust your step and to enjoy the view as it unfolds.

To read more of Jeff Cannon’s work, click here.


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