I Live Here Now: A Poem

Gliding steel,

absolute power crowd,

strong legs maintaining distance,

it is always this morning,

the patterned hole has a surprise ending every time,

I invite the camel and the wheel,

those strong legs keep their balance in transit,

they make the case for further transit,

for art museums in the mountains,

for casual lines,

for poems in small pieces,

what outside stimuli speaks to the ear machine,

the internal accordion emitting only hums of air,

when the dry is drying,

when the flex is flexing,

the cold street isn’t as cold.

About this poem:

The poems from I Live Here Now were written during an emotionally trying time. Feeling like my entire life was in upheaval, I knew I needed to somehow find some peace but was struggling to figure out exactly how to
do that. It was around this time that I started to practice yoga regularly,
and while the peace I was searching for wasn’t immediate, I found myself moving (finally) in that direction.

–Jackie Clark, for more of her work, click here

–Photo by Doug Ensel, for more of his work, click here


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