The Light Rain That Surrounds

So long, so far without these words

So long, so far away without these words

So long, so far away

Emotion carried by escape

A cardboard star in a cardboard sky

What answer, where answer

The omniscient detective who under pays the private eye

Where it doesn’t matter who there is to talk to




The sieve of the sorrow

The sorrow of the sounding

The sound of the story as it rattles in an empty box

Fabled moving images detract

Watching something that would have meant so much to someone who you aren’t anymore

Only touched by the same generational relevance

Bifurcated by community

Why don’t I choose to not sit alone

The lone TV broadcasting stories of sports and method compassion

To partake in the fantasy in a more conscious way

A very emboldened excitement versus a very dissected presence

Where the word is interrupted by other words

When the emotion is institutionalize

Constantly eating alligators and making window boxes with nothing but one single light

Impulse does nothing for the shallows

I am ever further and ever more near

I am still

I can still

The greatest wants


Some moments lend themselves to assessment better than others.  While it isn’t always good to try to determine where exactly you are along your cosmic trajectory, some times it’s helpful to lay down mile markers and make approximations of how many miles are left to go.

–Jackie Clark


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