The Guest Blog: Meditations at 4 A.M. By Jeff Cannon

It is four a.m. The steroids they gave me for my angiogram are keeping me awake. Not just awake, but blazingly hyper-aware and hyper-awake. I am truly not sure how professional athletes can do them on an ongoing basis.

So I meditate. And I write. I follow my contemplation to see where it will go.

I write in the dark of the night and I look up and watch that one bright star that hovers above our bed. It is visible in the skylight. It is not the North Star. It is far too bright for that. In fact it is not a star at all. It is a galaxy millions of light years away. Its glow sent well before humans ever existed; only arriving now into our bedroom and into my night. The energy that has arrived is less the light of the millions of stars within its galactic system. It is more a reminder.

A reminder that we have as many nerve cells in our brain as there are stars in our own Milky Way.

A reminder that we have as many neural connections in our brains as there are galaxies in the Universe.

These are not coincidences. They are facts.

Our existence is one of connections. Connections within connections that show us again and again that coincidence and chance are not a component of who we are or why we are here.

It is not luck of the draw that humans just happen to inhabit this blue marble and that the human experience is a coincidence of chemical composition.

Just as this star is shining its light into my room, just as I am awake to receive its message, just as my mind is able to turn that energy of all the worlds from that galaxy into thoughts, it is proof of the connectivity that exists across an endless expanse of silence.

It is proof that within that connectivity is Love.

And that is why we are here.

To read more of Jeff’s work, click here.


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