The Guest Blog: The Prana Of Money By Marylee Fairbanks

Money is just paper. It is our thoughts that bestow power and Prana. (life force). What are your notions about money? You never have enough? Don’t deserve it? Does it show up just when you need it? Do you owe lots of it?

Your attitudes about money has a direct effect on how much of it you possess.

Money is connected to our Second Chakra It is correlated with our self-worth and personal boundaries. Often people are uncomfortable attaching a monitory value to their work or time. They feel they don’t deserve prosperity when so much of the world is lacking. Others feel that being spiritual means they shouldn’t persue money; that one must be selfish or dishonest to attain it.

But, Money can connect you to others, be an aid for growth, and help you attain your dreams.

We all know the sayings “money doesn’t grow on trees”, is the “root of all evil”, or that ”It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”.

Here are three things you can do to change your energy around money.

Trust that you will not misuse wealth: Envision the ways it could benefit others. One of the principles of Sankalpa (Day One), is asking “How may I serve?”. This question leads us to our Dharma; Our souls desire to be what it was meant to be.

Share your wealth. You don’t want to cling to it, just as you don’t want to hoard anything else in your home, heart or mind. When life force is stuck in our bodies it creates illness. So the prana of money needs to flow through us like any other energy. But, we must also have clear boundaries around what we give.

Make a gratitude list: It is a great practice to remind ourselves all that we have and are grateful for. When you sit down to pay your bills take a look at all the things you have in abundance and and thankful for. Read it…often.

Self worth list: List the things that you can do, that are of value to others. Life is a complex barter, not an exact trade. Something that you take for granted could really help another and you should honor that about yourself. Learn to receive. Think how wonderful it feels when you do something kind for someone else. Allow others the chance to do for you. It helps you internalize that you are worthy and will be provided for.

Fun Facts:

~The word “money” is from the Roman fertility goddess Moneta. Money was first minted in her temple.

~Russian tradition says scattering money around your home will bring wealth. (But, I just cannot bring myself to do this.)

~Some traditions believe that herbs and colors can attract wealth; bay leaf, basil, chamomile, and the colors red, purple, gold and green)

~Feng Shui tells us to keep the entrance to your front door clean and open, so money can find its way inside. Make sure your doorbell works, keep the stoop swept, and keep the area is well lit. You should also keep your kitchen clean and organized,

~ Mexicans will sprinkle lentils around the door as a symbol of abundance or wear yellow to attract money.


Will you let go and discover things about yourself?


To read more of Marylee’s work, click here.


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