Just A Sitting Monkey Now By Kathleen Kraft

This thought. Now that one… that thought—Yum! Now this one—

Like a party spilling out from the living room,

chit-chattering peels off and mushrooms in dim corners—

So I chit vrit along Jersey Avenue, imagining Bobby McFerrin singing it:



Excitement. Fear—big puddle! Leap! Land—Ahh

Bare branches above me: sinewy, darkly elegant—a reprieve—

I see for moments bare with love: tree—

Lucky me rippling away between the trees, healthy and able. Today.

Today I wander toward their breathful stillness.

At home, I touch my index finger to my thumb—chit!

then middle—then ring—chit vrit chit vrit!

Last is pinky—breath smoothing. Breath smoother. Just a sitting monkey now.

– Kathleen Kraft

To begin to learn about chitta vritti, read Yoga Sutras 1:1 to 1:6 by Patanjali



  1. Sooooo beautiful and yummy – thank you Kathleen for so exquisitely sharing the literal non-intellectualized process for ingesting Sutra as life-giving sustenance.

  2. Thank you for your lovely acknowledgment! Namaste

  3. Traiteur Rabat Regal; Traiteur de ronome au Maroc

    Traiteur Rabat Regal au Maroc

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