The Guest Blog: Yoga Meets Wardrobe Malfunction By Pilar Carrillo Taylor

I took a hot yoga class last night for the first time in years.  I began my practice many years ago with Bikram classes.  Within the first five minutes of class I could tell that this was going to be similar to the trademarked and franchised series I was used to, with the addition of classical music.

We do some breathing.  The teacher announces it’s time to focus for the next 90 minutes and “stop fidgeting”.

Then one of the straps on my top snaps in proper wardrobe malfunction style. Commence fidgeting.

I wasn’t near the door to leave.  I had no other shirt in the room.  And I had 90 minutes to look forward to in heat and sweat.  Crap.

I spent several minutes tying a knot in the strap, continued with the series, and tried to reclaim my drishti.

Snap.  the top breaks again, I now struggle to tie a double knot (as seen above), and hope no one can see what is going on.  The teacher tells me my feet are too close together, and advises me to find the appropriate distance using my fists. uh-huh. Ave Maria soars in the background.

After what seemed like 10 minutes of fidgeting, I secured the knot so I could get my head back in the game.

110 degree heat + panic = sweaty

I got through the class and now have new criteria when buying yoga wear.

To read more of Pilar’s work click here or follow her on Instagram.


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