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Yoga and Politics

Recently Off the Mat and the Huff Po provided stress relief at the Republican and Democratic Conventions and next week Yoga for New York gears up to celebrate the work they’ve accomplished with Albany lawmakers. The Daily Beast reported that yoga teachers have a high incidence of donating money to the Obama campaign.
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Desire and Aversion

One of the great truths of yoga is that there is always oppositional force; a sun and a moon, a masculine and feminine, a negative and positive, a pose and counterpose.

At YogaCity NYC we believe in not only celebrating the varied practices on our home-town turf, but also reminding our readers to beware of the temptations that pull you off the path.
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Singing From The Spot

When my friend Evelyn offered me a ticket to chant with Krishna Das, at Omega last week, it was a bit of a personal challenge because I don’t sing. Why? The first time I sang in front of my husband, we were sitting in a car and a favorite oldie came up on the radio
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Teacher Training

Does completing a 200‐hour yoga teacher training (TT) program make you a yoga teacher? I can say with certainty that many teacher trainings don’t teach much about teaching. In all fairness to the trainings, at the very least, teacher trainees are taught how to consistently practice, which is no small feat in itself.
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