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Oscar Contender About Physics Is Actually Ancient Yogic Theory

In yoga, I work with the concepts of yama and niyama, overall disciplines and observances that I undertake to prepare for the deeper stages of ashtanga or eight-limbed yoga. The yama are universal concepts of engaging in the world. They make everything less wavy and smooth like the gravitational field spelled out in general relativity. The niyama are attributes of practice I bring to my individual life. Kind of like quantum mechanics…how I connect and bond with my practice.
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The Guest Blog: How to Write a Yoga Teacher Bio By Erica Rodefer Winters

Truth be told, most yoga teacher bios really don’t tell us anything about who a teacher actually is or what to expect in her class.
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Learning The Four Gates Of Speech

Working with these gates resembles the process of discovering how the same asana can either heal or hurt. It involves a lot of trial and error. Sometimes it feels like the “better” I get, the trickier the practice.
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The Guest Blog: What is an “Advanced Yoga Practitioner”? By Juliet Glassroth

Recently, I took a yoga class after which the thought occurred to me that I had no business teaching whatsoever. It wasn’t because the poses were particularly fancy or that we were doing something I hadn’t done thousands of times before.
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Just A Sitting Monkey Now By Kathleen Kraft

This thought. Now that one… that thought—Yum! Now this one—

Like a party spilling out from the living room,

chit-chattering peels off and mushrooms in dim corners—

So I chit vrit along Jersey Avenue, imagining Bobby McFerrin singing it:
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The Guest Blog: I Don’t Sing Enough Anymore By Rachel Carr

Yup, it’s true, I just don’t sing enough any more. I used to sing all of time. I always felt so alive whenever I was on stage.
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Making A Move And Taking A Practice With You

Psychologists say there are three major stressors in person’s life: death, divorce and moving. During this intense time of change and anxiety, I’ve learned just how important my practice is. It grounds me. It produces a sense of timelessness, spaciousness and balance while everything around me spins around like a Sufi dancer.
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The Guest Blog: Paper Lanterns By Whitney

People ask me all sorts of questions as I roll out my yoga mat, eat at their restaurants, and crank my music as I pass through town.
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How To Do Buddhism By Cynthia Kling

I told them that when I was in my early twenties I’d gone out to live at the San Francisco Zen Center started by Suzuki Roshi who wrote Zen Mind, Beginners Mind. It was a strict place. Up at 4:45 to sit on zafus for an hour and a half. If you nodded out a monk would strike you with a stick. But that wasn’t it – that wasn’t what Buddha was talking about under the Bodhi tree.
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The Guest Blog: Can You Let Go More By Diane DeGiorgio

This morning was just like most mornings — I came into Seated Forward Bend feeling a tug in my hamstrings before my muscles released.
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