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Making A Move And Taking A Practice With You

Psychologists say there are three major stressors in person’s life: death, divorce and moving. During this intense time of change and anxiety, I’ve learned just how important my practice is. It grounds me. It produces a sense of timelessness, spaciousness and balance while everything around me spins around like a Sufi dancer.
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Home Practice: The Most Important Piece

The key is to take it slowly. It’s taken me 10 years to get to 30 minutes of quiet. Meditation is hard. Several years ago I took a meditation course. Ten weeks long. In our class we also discussed what had happened in our practice the week before. What was easy or difficult, how we felt, what our dreams were like. Perfect for a New Yorker…equal parts intellectual stimulation, stress control and psychotherapy. It was just the right amount of time to build a foundation for an ongoing meditation practice.
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The Guest Blog: Sometimes You Just Need To Put On Your Running Shoes and Run As Fast As You Can By Natalie Ulrich

Sitting quietly for a meditation might just not always work even though meditation is a profound way of reducing stress and making space for that inner wisdom to arise.
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The Guest Blog: Retrograde By Rian Bodner

Mercury is in retrograde. Just like the moon affects the tides, we’re also made up of water so it affects us as well. Whether this makes sense to you or not, it’s a good excuse to look at the way we communicate. We have all been in a situation where we feel like we have not been heard, or acknowledged.
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Let The Elements Unite

One of the many ways yoga teachers describe the body is through the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. A rough topography…the earth element is manifest in the feet and legs of the body. Water swishes in the pelvis, fire abodes in the solar plexus, air rises from the top of the heart through the throat and up to the third eye. Space opens the third eye to the crown of the head.
This way of construing the constitution also describes principles of psychology and it is through this bodyscape that I am beginning to understand my own hot headedness.
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We’re Each a Pair

Each man represents one side of a coin, but until one recognizes the qualities of the other neither one is worth much.
Like LaBute’s play, yoga is about the opposites that live inside all of us. Some of us are influenced by one characteristic and some by its converse. Through our practice we try to first balance these seemingly conflicting characteristics and then we hope to eventually eclipse their causes.
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The Asana Break by Lisa Dawn Angerame

I am on a break. From asana practice. I used to practice every day. Sometimes more than once a day.
My love affair with asana began back in the 90s when I met Baron Baptiste. It was a sweet, sweaty mix of physical, emotional and spiritual in a workout like none I had ever experienced. I broke through old patterns and habits. I became free in both my body and my mind. I took control of my life. It never mattered whether or not I could do the poses, but as time went on, I got stronger, flowed more fluidly, and could do things I could not do the very first day of practice. Read more…