The Guest Blog: The Power of “Shreem” By Samantha Jones

I’ve started doing my daily mantra meditation again and it feels good. Having experimented with different mantras over the years, I seem to be pulled back to the one that my guru Christine (beautiful yogi and friend) gave me years ago. It was a gift offered to me after I completed by Yoga Teacher Training in 2008. At the time I was told that we shouldn’t share our special mantra with anyone as it would lose its power (I think this is traditional TM meditation practice), but I feel that the mantras are universal and all-powerful, so why can’t they be shared? We are, after all, one. What is Mantra Chanting Simply put, each mantra represents a certain sound frequency (energy) that dates back to ancient times. Mantras work on the principle of ‘like attracts like’, so the more you chant a specific mantra, the more those qualities will be developed in you. Mantras are vibrations, and as we know, we are made of energy, each vibrating at a different frequency – mantras have the power…

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  1. Thank you Samantha for sharing your experiences using a mantra-based meditation technique utilizing the Vedic mantra “Shreem” I myself have been teaching Vedic mantra (TM Technique) for over 35 years, and my favorite mantra I impart is the “Goddess Lakshmi mantra Shreem” The real reason why the TM Movement discourages people for not sharing Vedic mantras is purely for business purposes. The reasoning that the mantras will lose potency if shared is “bogus” (thank the powers that be that I broke away from this misguided movement” I now teach the TM techniques “free of charge” to my Yoga students if any of them would like to move in the direction of “quiet sitting meditation” Blessings!

    1. Hi Louis, thanks for your insight.
      Wow, 35 years of meditation, that’s something to aspire to!
      Love & light

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